Trump delays releasing 'sensitive' JFK files

Mr Trump released 2,891 records but, after requests mostly from the CIA and FBI, said he had been left with

BA to board passengers ‘in order of ticket price’

Passengers buying the cheapest seats will be called to board last as part of a new British Airways policy.

Charles Manson:The infamous cult leader died at 83

He was one of the world's most notorious serial killers, responsible for orchestrating the murders of a pregnant film star and six others.

Can You Answer These What If Hypothetical Questions?

Much as we might like to pretend we’re not still the same stoned sixteen-year-olds sitting in Nick Landenna’s basement, these conversations say otherwise, proving we can fiercely appreciate a line-up of “what if” questions that go beyond “adult” critical thinking. Enjoy these twenty-nine “What Ifs”


Pictures That Prove True Love Does Exist

These are simple photographs of simple people. But the message that they carry is much more profound than anything else on this earth. The message that love exists and they exists because it does.

Passport reform urged to stop parents with children being delayed at borders

Campaigners are calling for changes to passports to prevent parents and children with different names from being stopped at borders.

Interesting Facts About 'The Bodyguard'

Even though it's been 25 years since the release of The Bodyguard (on November 25, 1992), no doubt the final high note in Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You is still ringing out somewhere in the stratosphere.

Times Things Looked Like Food, But Weren’t

Ever get to the point where you're so hungry that everything around you starts to look like food? Well, you're not the only one.

The Shape of Your face and Your Personality

Your face is the reflection of our personality. Physiognomy and facial expression includes all the features of each particularhuman face.

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Hotel booking sites face probe over concerns they could mislead

The watchdog thinks claims about how many people are looking at a room and how long offers will last may create a false impression

Foods You Should Never Eat Before Flying

Leave these dining disasters off your pre-flight checklist and avoid the dreaded “jet bloat,” being the stinky seatmate, and other in-flight horrors. Read on to find out the eight foods you should never eat before flying.

Women in the Israel Defense Forces - Part 3

According to the IDF, 535 female Israeli soldiers had been killed in combat operations between the period 1962-2016 (this figure does not include the dozens of female soldiers killed in Israeli service prior to 1962).


The North Korean famine that occurred from 1994 to 1998

The famine in DPRK is the result of the cumulative effects of a fractured economic infrastructure and inadequate food production.

Another Trump Hotel Wants Out

Wallowing in a damaging downturn, the owners of a Trump International Hotel in Panama say they’d like the U.S. president’s name stripped from the building.

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The Unwritten Rules Of Instagram: Do's and Don'ts

There's an etiquette to good Instagramming. Here are the types of pictures you should avoid posting at all costs.


Teenager goes too far in her obsession to look like Angelina Jolie

Sahar Tabar will stop at nothing to look like her idol Angelina Jolie, even claiming she's undergone 50 operations to look more like the star


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World News

What Gangs From All Over The World Looks Like

A gangster is a criminal who is a member of a gang. Some gangs are considered to be part of organized crime.

Things no one tells you before you take up fishing

Effective fishing is all about knowing what you are doing. Here our beach coach John Holden pulls great fishing tips out of the bag that could make you a happier and more efficient beach fisherman…

Most Inspiring Before & After Weight Loss Photos

Whether you're trying to drop a few pounds or looking to train for your first 5K, embrace these 24 motivating health quotes and sayings to keep you on track.

26 of The Most Dangerous Female Criminals The World Has Seen Till Date

Sure, men have committed murder over the years. Nearly all of history's most notorious serial killers are men. But their female counterparts are just as deadly. Today, we point out some of the most horrifyingly ruthless female serial killers ever

Paul McCartney sues Sony for Beatles copyright

After more than 50 years, musician intends to regain right of successes like “Love Me Do,” “Yesterday,” “Hey Jude” and “Let It Be.” The Singer quarrels over 267 Beatles songs that Michael Jackson bought in 1985

10 locations of ‘La La Land’ to visit in real life

Meet some of the locations used as the backdrop for the film that competes with 14 statuettes at the Oscars and is a tribute to Los Angeles

Nancy Sinatra shuts down Trump over reports of ‘My Way’ being played at inauguration

Nancy Sinatra has responded to reports that her father’s classic hit ‘My Way’ could be played at Donald Trump‘s inauguration on Friday.

Céline Dion records original remake song of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Céline Dion will perform a “new original song” for the upcoming film ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ The 48-year-old singer played a rendition of the theme song for ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ on the soundtrack to Disney’s original animated film, and has now revealed that it will once again lend its voice to

Adele will perform at the 2017 Grammy Awards

At the ceremony last year, Adele was hampered by technical problems while singing ‘All I Ask’ on the awards stage

J.K Rowling denies trilogy rumor of “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.”

“I know a lot of people are looking for reasons to be happy today, but there is no truth to the rumor about the Cursed Child trilogy,” she wrote.

On Twitter, Metallica guitarist compares Trump to Hitler

Metallica’s Kirk Hammet is another of the American artists who are angry with Donald Trump in US power, and in particular with the speech made in his possession. On Twitter, the guitarist paraded several comments on the statements of the current president, compared to the declarations made in German

Internet users question Photoshop in Selena Gomes photo on Instagram

Since the stylist Christian Classen posted a photo of one of his most famous clients, Selena Gomez, followers began to question the use of photoshop in the image.

“Accidentally,” Lollapalooza Paris announces return of Liam Gallagher to the stage

“Accidentally,” Lollapalooza Paris announced the return of Liam Gallagher, former Oasis vocalist, to the stage. The festival will have its first edition in the French capital on July 22 and 23, in the hottest time of festivals in Europe.

Actor of The Get Down May Be Aquaman’s Villain

New rumors indicate that Aquaman’s solo film has found the actor who will play the villain Black Ray.

Ben Affleck to perform in the new Batman, away from the direction

The Actor-director Ben Affleck will star in, but not direct the new Batman movie, which is being prepared by Warner Bros. Studio. In principle, it was expected that Affleck was the director and protagonist of the film, but a few weeks ago circulated rumors in Hollywood that he would only act in the

The 2017 Grammy in five facts

The Grammy edition featured a trophy divided in half, honors and outstanding shows. Check out what has gone best:

See efficient solutions to renovate your home

It is common for people to start planning for quick reforms and even changes. To lay out efficient reform in a short time, clear planning, with defined objectives, is necessary, especially when there is not much time available to wait for the work to be completed.

Monthly Budget Worksheet: How to do it?

The first step is to raise all your monthly expenses. For this, it is worth to follow the bank statement of the previous month and monitor the small expenses made in the day to day.

How do you plan to make your vacation cheaper?

Ah, the holidays! We wait anxiously for them all year long, dreaming of rest and, especially, the possibility of traveling to get out of the rut. Even so, many people still do not have the habit of planning in advance what they will do in this period. What’s wrong with that? Your vacation can carry

5 tips for saving on airline tickets

Who does not like to travel, meet new places and come back full of stories to tell you to shoot the first air ticket! Getting out of the rut and getting to know other destinations is something that renews the soul, oxygenates ideas and makes you relax. What takes away our sleep is to imagine that on

Investing: Is Your Money Rising?

Are you one of those who accompanies your investments or do you just believe that everything is working out? Research existing options or faithfully trust the manager’s word? How much of the salary program will save or leave to see how much is left over at the end of the month? Between good and bad

Type R: the best Honda Civic is finally presented

With 320 hp and 40.7 mkgf, it has won some structural, mechanical and aerodynamic improvements

Do you know the 50-15-35 rule?

The great question of many people who want to control their finances better is how to make the expenses fit within the monthly income. That is not an easy task since the needs and temptations of consumption are everywhere.

8 tips for joining money in the short term

With good planning and efforts diluted over time, it is certain that you will be able to raise money. The problem is that many times, you can not expect to have a more stuffed budget. Fortunately, with some attitudes, you can have a favorable scenario, and discipline is a fundamental part of the pro

4 Tricks that Restaurants use for you to spend more!

They say that two of life’s greatest pleasures are eating and sleeping! We will not discuss this, but when it comes to eating, the bill at the end of the month can go very high if you go to restaurants frequently. If you do not have the culinary skills that allow you to make good food at home, then

How to help your Husband (or Wife) get out of debts

Maintaining good management of the couple’s finances is an imperative thing and directly impacts the happiness of the relationship. There are those who can maintain a sound financial independence among themselves, defining “who pays what” in the joint expenses, so that there is a balance. But when d

Find out how to cut expenses at the wedding without diminishing the party

Organizing a perfect wedding party is the wish of many couples who are starting a new life, but not always our budget is willing to collaborate to achieve this dream, is not it? For this reason, knowing how to cut expenses in marriage without affecting the organization of the party is essential.

First Shelby Cobra sold for $ 44 million at auction

Car made in 1962 stayed with Carroll Shelby throughout his life. It is the most expensive American model ever sold at auction.

Iranian Superstars Celebrated Nowruz

Iranian Superstars Celebrated Nowruz

How Many Economic Virtues Have You Dominated?

Having a balanced and healthy Financial Life is just like taking care of health: it is not enough to only have the theoretical knowledge, it is necessary to practice a lot! Small attitudes and habits will make all the difference in 10 or 20 years. But are you really playing these economic virtues in

German authorities prepare to evacuate 50,000 from Hannover to defuse WW2 bombs

An estimated 50,000 people are to be evacuated from Hannover on Sunday to allow a series of World War Two bombs to be defused.

Tiger Woods ‘arrogant’ during arrest on drink-driving charge

TIGER Woods has apologised for his driving under the influence arrest, insisting that alcohol was not involved in the late-night incident.

Russia warns of 'catastrophic consequences' if conflict erupts on Korean peninsula

Russia has warned against military conflict on the Korean peninsula - saying it would lead to catastrophic consequences.

Code Pink activist convicted for 'laughing' at Sessions

A Washington jury has convicted three people of being disruptive at US Attorney General Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing.

Russian President Vladimir Putin warns West to 'stop intimidating North Korea'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has told world leaders to stop intimidating North Korea following the dictatorship's latest missile test.

'17 shot dead' in Papua New Guinea prison breakout

Seventeen prisoners have been shot dead after a mass breakout at a jail in Papua New Guinea, reports said on Monday, with 57 still on the run.

Travel insurance: understand the benefits and choose the best option!

Vacation travel does not match with unforeseen circumstances. For this reason, taking out travel insurance is the most practical and guaranteed way to avoid excessive spending and stress with problems such as lost luggage or documents, accidents or sudden ill health.

Air Asia A330 makes emergency landing in Perth

THE pilot of a stricken AirAsia X plane told passengers to “say a prayer” after an apparent engine issue that forced the A330 to return to Perth this morning.

Qatar-based TV channel Al Jazeera 'hit by cyberattack'

Qatar-based TV channel Al Jazeera has claimed all its systems, websites and social media accounts have been hit by a cyberattack.

Meet Abu Dhabi, a modern city with unique features of the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates’s capital, Abu Dhabi, seems to run out of time to attract the attention of tourists from all over the world who daily land in Dubai for the luxury of Dubai. What these travelers do not know is that Abu Dhabi is the richest city in the Emirates, the one that contains the most

British man Jamie Harron facing jail in Dubai for 'touching man in bar to avoid spilling drink'

A British man is facing a three-year jail sentence in Dubai after putting his hand on a man in a bar so he did not bump and spill drinks, according to his representatives.

Submarine case: Danish police find head, other body parts of journalist Kim Wall

Danish police say divers have found the decapitated head, legs and clothes of Swedish journalist Kim Wall, who was killed after going on a trip with an inventor on his submarine.

How To Choose A Good And Cheap Resort And Save On Your Vacation In Brazil

When we have the alliance of a great standard of comfort, food, entertainment and leisure, the best resorts in Brazil come as an alternative for those who want to enjoy everything a vacation trip can offer, in one place.

Long connections: leaving or not from the airport?

Long connections during plane travel are usual and can yield many hours of sheer boredom at the airport. In these situations, passengers wonder if they could take the time to get to know the city a little. The truth is that it is not always worth taking a tour of the local sights and running the ris

Find out what to do in Florence in Italy

Do you Already know what to do in Florence in Italy, the capital of Italian art? Florence is one of the most beautiful destinations to visit in Europe. The capital of Tuscany is considered one of the most important cities in the world of the arts because it was here that the Renaissance was born. Fi

The fascinating beauty of Barcelona

It does not take much to fall in love with Barcelona. A few days is enough to fall in love and be sure that this is the best place in the world to live.

Do you Want to sit at the window and see the view? Doesn’t you stand noise? Do you Want more space? So check out these tips!

Choosing your seat on the plane can ensure a much more peaceful journey for you and your family

Italian town has houses that create a fairy tale landscape

Tower of Pisa, Colosseum of Rome, Duomo of Milan: Italy is known worldwide for its fantastic architectural works. Few know, however, that in the south of the European country there is a set of buildings capable of transporting the tourist immediately to the scenery of a fairy tale: the houses known

With paradisiacal beaches, Jamaica goes beyond reggae and Bob Marley

Getting to Jamaica to discover its natural beauty has become an increasingly common practice, especially for Canadians and Americans. Since December 2016, a Caribbean cruise route including the country and also Costa Rica, Panama, Grand Cayman and Colombia has been operated by Pullmantur with the sh


Europe is one of the destinations that emerge from the list of those who wish to enjoy a nice cold at the end of the year. But what, after all, are the reasons that make the Old Continent a great place for winter holidays?

With 2, 3 or 4 days, enjoy the best London has to offer

London receives millions of visitors a year. On long leisure trips, quick business trips or on a European tour, the UK capital is irresistible, with countless activities for the most diverse audiences, including historic buildings, modern sculptures, museums, parks and Many other attractions.


The European air, culture, cuisine and the original fort have transformed the city into the main destination for the tourists who leave the country � and come back here marveling at the charms of the land of tango.

Outlook, Office, Skype: See the best Microsoft apps for Android

Microsoft has its platform for mobile devices but has been investing heavily in apps for competing systems. On Android, for example, the owner of Windows 10 Mobile offers a large variety of programs to download. The focus is on productivity, with emphasis on Office and Outlook, but the manufacturer

10 hotels in Uruguay

The tea and the goat cheese sandwich. The candombe and the murga. Galeano and Benedetti. The Peñarol and the National. We know Uruguay for its icons, but not for its hotels. That’s why Rayan World has selected ten hotels in Uruguay that will leave you wanting to travel right now. Check it out:

Learn how to book your Hotel online

If you are not the kind of person who uses hotel services often, you may not know how to make a hotel reservation online. In this article, you have simple steps so you can ensure that the hotel meets your expectations when you arrive.

Amazon accidentally lets the Xperia XZ Premium release date appear

By presenting the Xperia XZ Premium during the MWC, Sony did not disclose the official launch date of the product. However, thanks to Amazon, you already know that you will not have to wait so long to be able to check out the smartphone, which arrives on the shelves of the UK from the beginning of J

7 steps to choosing a good hotel

One of the essential things when planning a trip is to look for a good lodging. To avoid inconveniences, it is essential to choose a hotel with positive references and without many problems that in the end become significant problems that hinder your trip.

IPhone cover adds screen with Android functions to Apple mobile

The Eye is an iPhone protective case that promises to revolutionize the mobile phone by adding a new stand-alone screen to your back with various functions of Android smartphones. In addition, the accessory works as extra battery life, offers more storage space and recharges wirelessly.

Galaxy S8: know what to expect from Samsung’s next launch

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is one of the most anticipated releases of the year in terms of top-of-the-line smartphones. The successor to the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, which arrived in 2016 with good acceptance from critics and consumers, will be unveiled by Samsung on March 29. The South Korean manuf

IBM creates technique for storing data on a single atom

IBM has developed a technique that allows the storage of data on a single atom, or more precisely, a bit on a single atom. Such a technology could enable ultra-high-density media where huge amounts of information could be stored in small devices: according to IBM, it would be possible to store the e

Do you need to relax? New app promises to help you meditate alone

Through 21 different types of meditation, the “Meditation Already” smartphone app lets you carry an option to relax, learning to do it without a face-to-face guide!

HP printer prints up to 8,000 pages per recharge

The HP DeskJet GT 5822 series is focused on small businesses and home users who need high volume printing. The main advantages highlighted by the manufacturer are the easy handling, quick installation and an anti-leaking system in the ink bottles.

5 Games Trends which will change the future Gaming Industry

Many of the technologies available today for the gaming world were almost unimaginable ten years ago. Just look at the evolution of games regarding graphics, gameplay, appearance and even creativity. Now, a world of possibilities opens up to video game lovers �" accessibility, connectivity, automatio

Visa wants you to pay your bills with a pair of glasses

Visa has a new payment pilot program that focuses on wireless. However, unlike initiatives like Samsung Pay, where you make payments by “pushing” the cell phone on the billing machine, Visa wants you to do the same, but with a pair of glasses.

Nokia 3310 really is back; This time with much more style

Nokia 3310 original was released by Nokia in the year 2000, almost 17 years ago. Today, however, at the end of its MWC 2017 conference, HMD Global �" the company that inherited the Nokia brand �" relaunched the classic. The new 3310 has a more stylish design and will be sold in four colors: dark blue,

How to Use Router Bandwidth Control and Manage Internet Traffic

Bandwidth control can be done with a fast configuration on the router, available on the user’s computer. With this, it is possible to manage Internet traffic by determining the connection speed for outgoing and incoming (kbps). It is also possible to enable the control in a personalized way for each

Intel or AMD: Which manufacturer has the best processor options

AMD or Intel? That is one of the oldest disputes in the technology industry, beginning in the mid-1990s (or even earlier, if you consider AMD’s “copies” of Intel processors in the 1970s). This debate won a new chapter in 2017 with the arrival of AMD’s new Ryzen CPU series, which promises to re-enabl

How to disable factory installed apps on Samsung mobile

Samsung smartphones often come with several factory-installed apps, and many of them may be useless to most users. Most of these programs can not be completely removed from the device, but the manufacturer can disable them. Disabled apps are still stored on your phone, but they take up less space an

PS4 games can be played on PC without the need of the console

The game streaming service PlayStation Now will receive PS4 games by the end of the year, according to Sony’s announcement. The tool already makes it possible to run PS3 games on PS4 and PC and will soon allow you to play the latest titles on both platforms. This means that it will be possible to pl

Facebook tests 'context' button in bid to crack down on fake news

In the latest move by the US social media company to curb so-called fake news, the new feature will provide instant information about the source of a news article.

How to increase your income?

For you to increase your income and gain your financial independence, there are three fundamental points for you to achieve this goal, which is to increase income obviously, reduce unnecessary expenses and make smart investments. In that article, let’s start with a simple step that are tips for you